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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Facebook has made me stupid.....aka I have had nothing important to say for two years

Before FB
I was a writer...
I have had journals in my life since I was a child...
blogging under Trailgrrl started in 2006....
I shared my shattered heart with anyone who clicked on the page...
Brutally Honest
that was all that mattered.
no matter how broken and bloodied I was when i pressed Publish...
Two years ago
I pretty much stopped

My interactions started to be more so by FB then any other medium...
not face to face,
 not journaling or writing
not talking with KZ for hours each night
not running with Julie and always finding something new to say...

I have bored myself silly for two years
stupid posts
I am the monkey in the cage
look at me!
look at me!
I am a silly bastard
laugh at me
otherwise it is too quiet
I was tired of the quiet
or so I thought...
What I am really tired of
is throwing poo...

If you want me
you can find me here....