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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Robert Kull writes:

"In Buddhism, one takes refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha.  Who is my guide and inspiration: who do I lean on that has wandered this pathless land before?" 

My Buddha are those that walk along the path paved by integrity, honor and humility.
My Dharma?  My source of knowledge and understanding?  There are many:  the wisdom of Bernd Heinrich, the Sartons both father and daughter, Kerouac, my mother.  Who is my Sangha, my community of fellow journeyers? This is something I am not as sure about....

I think I need to define my community and that will not happen until I have given myself the chance to map my course...

Friday, January 1, 2016

1/1/2016 3:20 pm

No need to discuss the past.
I don't think back anymore.

I like wine.
I like a nice meal
I eat pretty much what I want if I am hungry.
I do CF 5 days a week
I commute by foot
I run
Food is not just energy
it is as enjoyable as a good book
a glass of pinot

Only eat when you are hungry
do not use food
as a security blanket
but if you do
own it
and then move forward

I weigh 115
I fit into jeans I wore when I was 30
I am 46
I have muscles
I am strong
my muscles make my wrinkles
a non issue
I look fine
more important than what I look like
I FEEL good...
mentally and physically and emotionally
I am just a happy person..
I exercise because it's fun
I eat what I enjoy
what tastes good
and what does not make my body feel bad or sluggish...
I eat to live but I also ENJOY what I eat...

Wine is good
in moderation
I would rather spend 20-50 bucks on wine and enjoy one small glass a night than spend 10-15 and enjoy 2-3 large ones.
Quality not quantity...

no resolutions
I don't need them
I will just continue on...
the path I am taking is a good one.

I have nothing to prove
I have done it all
and before it was
to do it...
yep no need to look back
I am one of those women who pave the way
feel free to follow my lead.