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Thursday, October 25, 2012

A reminder of summer DR

I always wondered how people found out that I got lost at DR 2012 and ended up at the music festival…well an article in Vermont Today was sent to me and now I know the reason

“Michelle Roy, a finisher in previous years, took a wrong turn in the night, a race organizer said, and ended up at the Zionific Music Festival in Stockbridge. She returned to Pittsfield in the morning and dropped out.”

I laughed so hard to be reminded how summer DR ended for me…with my logs left miles from Amee farm and my bucket thrown in exasperation over a cliff and a night spent sleeping with my headlamp on and waking with my face covered in moths…...if you can't laugh at the absurdity of life (and DR as we know is pretty much absurdity at its best) well you are missing out :  )